jeudi 12 avril 2012


Hi everyone,
today i'm doing a haul, I went shopping yesterday after class, and I bought a couple of stuff.

First of all, I don't know if you guy know about the Chan Luu bracelet?? I really like them, you wrap them around your wrist,
this is a photo of the Chan Luu bracelet,

PS: while I was searching for a picture I found a lot of DIY. So I think I will try it, and tell you about it. 

I went to Forever 21, and like always, I went to the accessories section and I found this.

I cannot find the link on the website, and they were only one at my Forever 21. So i'm sorry, but I cannot give any link.

I really like it, I wore it today, and it goes with anything.

Then I found these shoes. I really like them, with the bow on the top and the polka dot. I have to admit I'm a sucker for anything polka dot.

So this is why I bought this shirt. I really like it. I probably wound't wear them together, a little bit to matchy matchy.

I find that I can wear it with a jeans and make it more casual, or make it more dressy by wearing it with a blazer.

In the shop they had a navy blazer and I really like it. So I just went and bought the same blazer. I don't have a navy blazer, and I feel blazer are so versatile you can wear them with anything.

The last thing I bought at forever 21 is this necklace. It just a simple leaf that I could wear with anything.

After I went to Dynamite, I bought this shirt, I really liked what was writing on it. It's really cute with leggings. Perfect for a casual day, were I don't really need to dress up.

Then I bought this bag. I already have two Longchamp bag and I love them. I have one "pliage" bag, but it have small handle.

Obviously the quality of this bag is not great but it was only 12$, so I did not expect much. But I think I would be really great for class or even traveling. And I really like the color great for spring.

My last stop was at as Bath and Body works. I just went there for soap. I just bought 3 dancing waters and 2 sea island cotton, because it's for my kitchen so I don't like it when I smell too strong.

So when I was about to pay, they were this bin with small hand lotion. I look at them and I saw this one, Fresh Picked raspberries.

I don't know if you guy remember but a long time ago The Body Shop had a raspberries body butter and I LOVED IT. Like seriously it was my favorite scent of all time. I finish it and went back to The Body Shop, but it was discontinued and I was so sad. So when I saw that at the counter I just had to buy some. So I bought two. It not the exact same scent, but it smell so good too.

That's it.
Hope you're having a great week.

PS: I was nominated by Amy at OkayeAmy for the Versatile Blogger Award.
First thank you some much, I'm really touch.
Second, it will be my next post. :)

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  1. You have the same Longchamp bag as me :) love those shoes so much!

  2. thanks for the lovely coment on my blog darling!!!!
    you have a great style and tastee...

  3. thank you for folllowing my blog! followed back! your blog looks great

  4. Me too love bath and body works products sister send me frm U.S..........u have lovely blog....following u.......:)