vendredi 25 mai 2012

A to Z: get to know me

Hi everyone, so I saw on Hungry Delights Blog this post and I tought it was really cool, so I wanted to do it. It is the A to Z: get to knoe me.
A is for age: I am 21, turning 22 in August, wich feels really old for me :s

B is for Breakfast today: It was actually one of my bestfriend birthday today, so we went to bruch and I ate pancake with caramalize apple and cheese, it was so good.

C is for currently craving: This is kind of boring but an apple, I usually eat an apple a day, and I didn't ate one today, so yeah an apple :)

D is for dinner tonight: It is the middle the night right now so I did eat for dinner beaf with some rice and vegtable.

E is for favorite type of exercie: I hate exercising but I would maybe say hiking.

F is irrational fear: I don't know, I'm scared easily, but I can't say I have an irrational fear, if I had to chose, being caught in a crowd. I mean I don't mind being in a crowd, but I'm scared of being in a crowd, and everyone starting running, and me being caught in the middle.

G is for gross food: I hate bananas, I know it's weird, but I don't like them, the taste and the texture.

H is for hometown: My home town is where I live right now so I won't tell you, but I will say that I live in Canada. A pretty big town.

I is for something important: My familly, friends, the people I love

J is for current favorite Jam: I love the new CD of Jason Mraz. My favorite song on it is the women I love and everything is sound and of course I won't give up.

K is for kid: Nope not for a near futur, I would need a boyfriend first :)

L is for current location: Right now in my bed, at my house.

M is for most recent way you spent money: Cheese and bread :)

N is for something you need: A boyfriend perhaps :)

O is for occupation: Student in College

P is for peat peave: I hate late people, I feel that when you plan something with someone, you should make an effort to be on time.

Q is for quote: the role of a good fiction is to disturb the comfortable and to comfort the disturbed

R is for random fact about you: I don't like pink

S is for favorite heatly snack: Apple, I love apple

T is for favorite treat: Chocolate

U is for what make you unique: I am never sick, I swear my friend and familly made me realize that couple of years ago I never get sick. Not even a headache or a cold.

V is for favorite vegtable: Carotte, kind of boring but yeah!

W is for today's workout: euh... oups, not today:)

X is for X-rays you had: None, never

Y is for yesterday highlight: My mom got me a new computer. A reallu small one for travel.

Z is for you time zone: This is  going to sound really stupid but I can't really tell. I think in eastern time. I have the same time of New-York.

That's it
Hope you are having a great week 
Love Laurence

dimanche 20 mai 2012

Bath and Body works small haul

Hi everyone,

So couple of days ago, I went to Bath and Body works to smell the new summer scent. I smell all of them and I have to admit I really like the Wild Berry Tulip, but I ended it with Wild Citrus Sunflower. The Berry Tulip was a little too sweet for me, for summer I have to say Wild Citrus Sunflower is perfect.

On the BBW website is says it have top notes of  Sparkling Bergamot, Iced Lemon, Fresh Papaya Middle notes of Tropical Gardenia, Watery Tiare, White Nectarine and the dry notes are Creamy White Musk, Exotic Teak, Ambrette Seed.

With my purschase I got free this tote bag and a full size the new Malibu heat. I really like this scent. I know is it now online, I don't know if it is in store yet. It is very nice for summer.

That's it, my small haul

Love, Laurence

mardi 15 mai 2012

True blood

Hi everyone,
recently i've been really enjoying True Blood HBO series.

I watched the three first season when it first came out, and then when the season 4 came out I was so excited because it's the season with the witches and Eric.

I read the book when the season one came out, because I couldn't wait to know what was going to happen.

I really enjoy the book, they are an easy fast read.

So when the season 4 came on, I was really excited, because I am team Eric. Can I just say that Alexander Skarsgard is so HOT. But I was really disappointed with the season, to much was happening at the same time. But I restarted couple of days ago, and I kind of enjoy it. Kind of a lot :S

Since then, I've been obsess with it. I've been watching True Blood every moment I have free.

That's it :)
Hope you are having a great week.
Love, Laurence

mardi 8 mai 2012

The hunger games movie

Hey everyone,

yes I am late on this, but I did saw this movie when it first came out, and I saw it a second time yesterday.

I'm going to start by saying I loved the book. I knew that  I wasn't going to like it as much as the book, but I did had high hope.


For me the most important moment was when Katniss volunteer for hey sister. They had to get this moment right, and they did.

I know a lot of people didn't like the shakiness of the camera, but I kind of liked it.

I love Jennifer Lawrence in the role of Katniss. She did such a good job.

Overall, I really like the movie, of course the book was better, but the movie was good. I would recommend it.

Love, Laurence

mercredi 2 mai 2012

Little scarf obsession ??

Hi everyone:)

I've been shopping a little lately for my trip and I found that I just bought scarf, is that weird??

I always loved scarf, but most of them are heavy big winter scarf. Since I am going in South of France, I wanted a light one. I ended up with 3.

You guy know, I love polka dot.

I love scarf, they can change completely an outfit. I love them, they are perfect for summer. :)

Thats it:)
Love, Laurence

mardi 1 mai 2012

Update, my summer

Yes school is finally over :),
but it doesn't means that work is done,

I'm curently finishing my bachelor is adminitration and for that, I need to do a 400 hours intership, and I decided to go in Europe for that :). Witch mean I will be working the entire summer in a hotel in Europe. I'm leaving in June, and I am so excited and coming back in August.

On top of that, my parents sold the house and we are moving. We have to be out of this house at the end of may, and I am leaving 5 days later.

With all of this, I am super busy, so I am really sorry I haven't post more on here.

But I have already planed some blogpost for the this week and the following, and also when I will be gone.

Hope you are having a great week.
Is school almost over for you guys?
Love, Laurence