dimanche 20 mai 2012

Bath and Body works small haul

Hi everyone,

So couple of days ago, I went to Bath and Body works to smell the new summer scent. I smell all of them and I have to admit I really like the Wild Berry Tulip, but I ended it with Wild Citrus Sunflower. The Berry Tulip was a little too sweet for me, for summer I have to say Wild Citrus Sunflower is perfect.

On the BBW website is says it have top notes of  Sparkling Bergamot, Iced Lemon, Fresh Papaya Middle notes of Tropical Gardenia, Watery Tiare, White Nectarine and the dry notes are Creamy White Musk, Exotic Teak, Ambrette Seed.

With my purschase I got free this tote bag and a full size the new Malibu heat. I really like this scent. I know is it now online, I don't know if it is in store yet. It is very nice for summer.

That's it, my small haul

Love, Laurence

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