mardi 1 mai 2012

Update, my summer

Yes school is finally over :),
but it doesn't means that work is done,

I'm curently finishing my bachelor is adminitration and for that, I need to do a 400 hours intership, and I decided to go in Europe for that :). Witch mean I will be working the entire summer in a hotel in Europe. I'm leaving in June, and I am so excited and coming back in August.

On top of that, my parents sold the house and we are moving. We have to be out of this house at the end of may, and I am leaving 5 days later.

With all of this, I am super busy, so I am really sorry I haven't post more on here.

But I have already planed some blogpost for the this week and the following, and also when I will be gone.

Hope you are having a great week.
Is school almost over for you guys?
Love, Laurence

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