lundi 26 mars 2012

New Bag

Hey everyone, 
I was going to post a candle haul from bath and body works, but when I got back home today, they were a package at my door.

I love receiving packaging at home. I already knew what it was, so got home and ripped the package open, and was so happy when I saw the bag. So there it is:

Yes it is the inspired (faux) Alexander Wang Rocco bag from ebay, the "Focco" as Laura "Lollipop26" named it.

I know I'm late on this bandwagon but I did just get this bag.

First impression,
I really like it. I mean for the price it does feel sturdy. Of course, it is fake leather, and the stud are not as heavy as the real Alexander Wang bag. I am against fake designer bag, but  with my part time pay check I can't afford the real deal. So for right now, I like it. Also, you can't see nowhere an Alexander Wang label, so I feel like it is not a knock off, but a inspired bag, so I can justified it.

I really like the color, it is a grey/lilac shade. I was a hard choice between this one and the black one, but I have so many black bag, and I have never had a grey bag. I like the fact that is more lilac/grey than silver/grey.

And yes I love the studs:)

So that it, just a little post for you,
my candle haul will be up next, soon

Love, Laurence

4 commentaires:

  1. The bag looks great! I think you can get so many pretty and affordable bags that I don't see the need to pay hundrets of dollars for a designer bag. Even if I could afford it, I think I would do something else with my money. Plus I wouldn't want to worry all the time that someone steals it...

    Follow me back?

    1. I agree with you, you don't need to spend hundred dollars for pretty bag.
      I"m following your blog :)

  2. Wow that bag is a beaut! Love the studs at the bottom! IM definately following your blog you have great taste! x