dimanche 18 mars 2012

To Me, From Me

Ok, so let get this clear, I love perfume. I kind of obsess with them. I have so many. It's kinda ridiculous. But still, today I went to my drugstore for some basic stuff when I found myself looking at some discounted perfume and I saw this: 

Ok so I'll start by telling you that I don't need another perfume. but I really like the DKNY be delicious, and I own the candy apple in sweet caramel, a limited edition from a couple of years ago. I wear it all the time in spring and summer. So when I saw the Red Delicious for only 20$ I couldn't pass the opportunity. So I bought a little gift for myself.  When I got home I immediately rip off the packaging to smell it. 

So my verdict?? 
I like it. It a good everyday daytime perfume. When you fist spray it, you can smell the apple and a kind of champagne smell. And then you can smell some lichee, raspberry, a little bit of rose, some musk and vanilla. 

It smell kind of energetic, if that make any sense. You can read on the bottle 100% pure New York, and it totally describe the scent. It would work perfectly for that day when you are running around doing a million thing. Also I read online that the scent last for a long time, so it kind of make sense, right?? 

So would I recommend this? I would stick with the regular DKNY Be delicious, I probably wouldn't of buy it if it wasn't on sell. But still a good everyday scent. 

On a other note I also bought this for me today. 

My hips probably don't need these, but I really like Jelly Beans, so what can I say. 

Hope you have a nice week. 
Love, Laurence 

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  1. I love the DKNY Delicious line! all are just pretty sweet smelling! I have the delicious night and the oh so typical Be delicious, I am just in love <3