mercredi 28 mars 2012

Candle haul

Hi everyone,

So today, I got an email from bath and body works giving me coupon for 10$ of any 30$ of more purchase. Also, the candle are 2 for 25$ here in Canada. So I decided to to try some new spring/summer scent candle. I don't like these scent as much as the fall/winter candle, so I don't buy as much, but I like to have a couple in my room, in case i'm in the mood for these kind of scent.

So I spent maybe 30 minutes in the store smelling almost every candle they had. I ended up with these:

Market peach is described as fresh-picked peaches by the bushel with a touch of red raspberry and citrus, layered with notes of rich vanilla.

I love the smell of peach, so I new I wanted a peach smell, in one of the candle I was going to buy. I was hesitating between this and Peach Bellini. It smell pretty good in the candle, but I remembered that my brother have the hand soap at his house and I really didn't like the way it smell on my hand.

Bahama Fizz was recommended by the girl that helped me in the store. She told me it was her favorite candle, so I smelled it, and I really liked it. It is described as a refreshing concoction of island pineapple, banana and fresh kiwi, infused with spiced rum and coconut.

I usually don't like banana scent, and I don't like it in this candle, but it doesn't smell very strong. The fresh kiwi and coconut are stronger. The pineapple bring the sweetness in the scent. And when you burn it it smell wonderful.

I was missing 5$ to make the 30$ needed for the coupon. So I bought the 2 mini candle that were 2 for 5$.

Mango Beachwood smell like juicy mango and mandarin combined with pineapple, cedarwook and tonka bean. I really like mango, I was searching for a pure mango smell, they didn't have one, so I opted for that one.

Finally I bought the Sea Spray candle. It is describe as a refreshing combination of cool salt air and cucumber water with notes of sandalwood and sparkling citrus. It describe pretty well the scent. It is a very fresh smell. I really like it and it is actually my father's favorite scent, so if you are looking for a man maybe...   I was hesitating between this one and the Bahama Fizz to buy in full size. I ended up picking the Bahamas Fizz, but I still really like Sea Spray.

On a other note, I bought a new perfume today. I know know, it is terrible, but perfume is my weakness. I bought a small size of DKNY golden delicious.

I'm usually attracted to night time scent, and this is one of them. My last post was about DKNY Red Delicious, which is a day scent, but golden delicious is a lot more my style.

And in my defense, it is a really small bottle.

Hope you are having a wonderful day.

4 commentaires:

  1. Peach and Mango sound so good right now. I totally have spring fever =)

    Oh and thanks for following my blog =)

    1. I know, every time I'm smelling these candle, I just want to eat them :)

  2. I love vanilla candles! They smell divine.

    xo Emilie @ Hungry Delights

    1. Me too, I just love candle in general too much :)